Baoruco Rum 12y – Dominican Republic

Baoruco Rum 12y – Dominican Republic

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Alcohol: 40.0% vol.

Content: 0.7 L

Origin: Dominican Republic

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About Baoruco Rum 12y – Dominican Republic

This rum is produced maintaining a hundred-year-old tradition. Since the beginning each generation has made sure to select the best sugarcane. Therefrom, together with pure spring water, the most refined spirits are distilled. The exquisite production of slow aging in oak barrels brings out the personality of the rum in your glass.

Baoruco Rum 12y Tasting Notes

This 12-year old rum is the best representation of a long tradition of Dominican rum makers. This great rum of complex flavor and elegant aroma is achieved due to the best mixed cane spirits and its long stay in its barrel.

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