BCN – Prior Barcelona Dry – Gin

BCN – Prior Barcelona Dry – Gin

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Alcohol: 40.0 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: Spain, by Aguavida Llops

Botanicals: juniper, lemon, lime, rosemary, grapes, figs, fennel & pine needles

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Gin distilled in the quiet mountains of the Priorat and savoured in roaring Barcelona. Cool and limpid, the water used comes strictly from their well Font del Mas Petit. This pure water, high in mineral content, is perfect for the full expression of the botanicals found in the BCN gin. The botanicals are retrieved from the Priorat mountains and later combined with the fine lemon peels of South-Catalonia to produce an exquisite coastline mountain-range Mediterranean gin. The Priorat mountains are well known for the production of great wines and this gin couldn’t be the same without the grapes from the area. Therefore, the very essence of the  Cariñena and Grenache grapes are extracted in the copper four-plate Arnold Holstein distillation column.

Between tradition and modernism lie the roots of the spirit that transformed Barcelona in the capital of a new lifestyle. BCN GIN bridges mountain and sea, nature and urbanity, tradition and modernism. Everything is done in Spain but they also have a touch of Belgium because the project was started by two Belgians. This mix of culture and craftsmanship can’t result in anything else but a great gin.If that’s not enough even the bottle is a true piece of art that will certainly cheer up your gin collection.

BCN Gin Tasting Notes

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