Big Gin Bourbon Barreled

Big Gin Bourbon Barreled

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Alcohol: 40 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: US, by The Bitter Truth Distillery

Botanicals: juniper, coriander, orange zest, tasmanian pepperberry, cardamom, angelica, cassia bark & grains of paradise

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Laid to rest for six months in once-used bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill Distilleries, the gin retains the giant juniper notes while gaining tremendously warm, woody spice from the barrel. A shining example of an aged gin. There is a harmony in the botanicals and the wood notes, which come through at the start. Then there are rich botanical notes, including spice and citrus, before the mellow notes of the barrel return for the finish.

Big Gin Bourbon Barreled Tasting Notes

We’re still tasting, so check with us soon. 🙂

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