Bishop’s Gin by Ponet Spirits

Bishop’s Gin by Ponet Spirits

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Alcohol: 40.7 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: Belgium, by Ponet Spirits

Botanicals: juniper, lemon & many more

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About Bishop’s Gin

Ponet Spirits is a house of spirits that devotes itself to the production of exceptional alcohols. The distillery was founded in Hasselt 1763. While honouring the family origins of the Ponet distillery, Thierry Ponet and Matthieu Chaumont revive a remarkable heritage. Bishop’s Gin is the story of John Ponet, infused with a sense of adventure, discovery, and non-conformity. This 16th century Englishman was a Master of Arts and became the Bishop of Winchester. But foremost, he was a freethinker with a true passion for life. The bishop was one of the first protestants to fight for religious freedoms. 

The love of fine spirits is a hereditary value in the Ponet family. And now, it is Thierry’s turn to continue the Ponet legacy. That is why Thierry has partnered up with Matthieu Chaumont, the man behind ‘Hortense’. You may know Hortense as an established bar in the cocktail scene of Brussels. Together they have launched Ponet Spirits. As much a botanist as a chemist, Matthieu envisions the creation of a cocktail as a chef would a dish.

Ponet Spirits joined forces with the talented Charles Maxwell, one of the best and most respected distillers in England. He represents the 8th generation of a family devoted to distilling London Dry. Charles’ mastery has crafted this unique true gin.

Bishop’s Gin Tasting Notes

Bishop’s Gin is a gin of supreme quality. ‘London Dry’ is a term when it comes to setting the standard for spirits. Therefore, London Dry complies with specific requirements. First, the master distiller can only use natural ingredients. Second, juniper must be the first and foremost aroma. And lastly, the master distiller puts all of the botanicals in a still at the same time. However, no artificial aromas or sweeteners are allowed during or after distillation.

We’re still tasting, so check back with us soon. 🙂

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