Bluecoat Gin – American Dry Gin

Bluecoat Gin – American Dry Gin

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Alcohol: 40 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: US, by Philadelphia Distilling

Botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica & citrus.

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About Bluecoat – American Dry Gin

As the original, american dry gin, Bluecoat gin is in a class of its own. A handcrafted and organic gin that is produced in America – Philadelphia – in a hand-hammered copper pot still. Bluecoat represents the pinnacle of the artisan spirit production in the US.

While London Dry gins are typically dominated by juniper flavoring, Bluecoat presents a complex, yet light and refreshing citrus blend, comprising primarily sweet citrus and lemon peels. The addition of coriander lends a delicate floral and slightly vegetal background, allowing the more prominent botanicals to come to the fore.

Bluecoat Gin Tasting Notes

The nose leads with refreshingly sweet aromatics, giving way to soft and earthy juniper notes. The body is intensely smooth with a complex depth of flavors that reveal themselves as they permeate the palate. The bright finish is exceptionally long and completes an experience that is incredibly pleasing to the senses.

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