Broken Heart Gin – Baby Bottle – 20 cL

Broken Heart Gin – Baby Bottle – 20 cL

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Alcohol: 40 % vol.

Content: 20 cL

Origin: New Zealand, by Broken Heart Distillers

Botanicals: juniper, orange, rosemary & many more

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Broken Heart Gin has a sad yet beautiful story about friendship and gin. Two Germans who lived in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The story of Joerg, who was a pilot and Bernd, an engineer, both master distillers grew a friendship in the land of kiwi and sheep. A friendship that grew next to the pot stills where they would fulfill their passion of creating and perfecting spirits of rare complexity and fine flavours.

Together they created their Gin based on 11 botanicals, 10 herbs and a good twist of orange, and they had the time of their life. But that’s the thing with life, it’s never a straight line and Bernd who fell ill badly and fought bravely, but his day had come. Where they once were high on life, their ways now got separated and only broken hearts were left. Joerg who experienced a rough time mourning slowly, started to see that for every end there is a new beginning. In memory for his good friend Bernd he decided that he should share the world their superb gin, so that everyone could enjoy the gin of their friendship, naming it Broken Hearts Gin. At dusk you may find Joerg drinking their Broken Hearts Gin with a twist of orange, thinking  of what was and what will be.

Now we know the story behind Broken Hearts Gin it’s time to look and discover what’s inside this bottle of friendship. It’s quite soft but has a certain spiciness in it. It’s complex yet balanced.

Broken Heart Gin Tasting Notes

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