Carpano Vermouth – Antica Formula – 1 L

Carpano Vermouth – Antica Formula – 1 L

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Alcohol: 16.5% vol.

Content: 1.0 L

Origin: Italy

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About Carpano Vermouth – Antica Formula

Carpano Vermouth Antica Formula stands out from all the other vermouths thanks to its unique bouquet and its unmistakable vanilla notes. First invented in 1786 in Turin by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, it has survived in its original inimitable recipe thanks to the love and the skill of Fratelli Branca Distillerie which, with its motto “Novare Serbando”, has been able to preserve the product’s original qualities and characteristics.

This dark, mysterious Carpano vermouth is rich, complex and layered, boasting aromas of mint and other herbs, plums and figs, reminiscent of Madeira. However, the rich flavours are hard to pin down.  Cocoa, red wine, almonds, bitter marmalade, hints of spice and toffee all play across the palate. In the end, it finishes with a bracing bitter edge. Therefore, this delectable sweet vermouth would shine in a Manhattan.

Ideal for making an excellent negroni! 🙂

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