Charlesville Dark Rum

Charlesville Dark Rum

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Alcohol: 40.0% vol.

Content: 0.5 L

Origin: Belgium, by Sas Distilleries

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About Charlesville Dark Rum

Belgium has a long history in processing sugar cane into molasses and sugar. The crusaders became familiar with the plant during the 11th century. Sugar cane was imported in Belgium since the 14th century. Antwerp was the main port and at one time there we 15 sugar producing companies active. Antwerp remained till end 17th century the world’s largest sugar producing center. During the 19th and 20th century Belgian Congo counted many sugar cane farms. One of the villages  in Congo where sugar cane was grown, was named Moerbeke. The sugar cane was transported to Belgium where it was processed into molasses and sugar e.g. at the sugar factory of Moerbeke.

Sas Distilleries® uses the best sugar cane molasses from local producers and a well selected yeast for the production of our Charlesville® Rum.

Rum was invented around 1650 in Western Europe (Spain, France, England and The Netherlands (Antwerp?))  by people working at the sugar processing plants who enjoyed drinking the spontaneous fermented by-products of sugar cane.  The name rum comes from “rumbullion” (probably a bastardization of the word rebellion). Our recipe is based on old French writings from the beginning of the 19th century. Rum was for  a long time the favorite drink of sailors and soldiers (water was often polluted and beer became quickly sour during long travels) and they believed that it could cure a lot of aces and diseases. Nowadays, rum production is mainly located in the countries where sugar cane is grown.

The Charlesville was the name of ship that transported people and goods between Belgium and the Congo and Charlesville Rum is now the name of the 2 rum versions of Sas Distilleries.

This Rum is briefly matured on charred French Oak.

Tasting Notes

This rum is being served in Sergio Herman’s restaurant The Jane. Need we say more? 🙂

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