Colombian Ortodoxy Gin

Colombian Ortodoxy Gin

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Alcohol: 43 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: Colombia, by Dictador

Botanicals: juniper, tangerine, pepper, lemon, angelica, cinnamon, lime & ginger

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Darri Parra the former President of the Dictador Distillery had the liking for gin since he had been travelling to England. Back home he created his personal recipe for his personal use which was later named Premium Colombian Aged Gin Ortodoxy and conquered the international gin market with succes. He was determined to create the Colombian version of what he thought was God’s drink, a Colombian Gin.

Several years Ortodoxy was only produced for Parra’s personal use, he never thought that his creation could one day become an internationally sold gin, but it did. The gin receives its unique character due to the combination of berries, botanicals, peels, roots and spices. The spirit that serves as the base of the distillate comes from sugar canes which is also common with rum. All botanicals are added in the last of five distillations in order to keep as much aroma’s as possible in the final product. Afterwards the gin matures another 35 weeks on oak rum barrels and finally the gin is being filtered taking away the colour which it would have retrieved from the barrels, yet keeping the taste in a clear gin.

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