Copenhagen Orange Gin – Gold Medal Gin Masters 2017

Copenhagen Orange Gin – Gold Medal Gin Masters 2017

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Alcohol: 44.0 % vol.

Content: 50 cL

Origin: Denmark, by Copenhagen Distillery

Botanicals: juniper, orange, long pepper & cardamom

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About Copenhagen Orange Gin

Copenhagen Orange Gin is just as the original Copenhagen Dry Gin. However, still different. It’s a result of equal parts of scientific effort and passionate labor. Filled with oranges, this Copenhagen orange gin is distilled at low temperature and pressure. This in order to retain as many of the pure flavours and notes of all the botanicals. These include long pepper, cardamom and juniper.

Through a process of rigorous experimentation and perfection, the distillers craft their various types of Copenhagen Distillery Gin. Since it needs to be exceptionally unique and pleasantly surprising to the palate. First of all, they always challenge the conventions of how gins come into being. Therefore the distillers introduce new, or removing extraneous, ingredients. All their gins need to have a subtle mystery to them. Where the flavors are perfectly in harmony, but not always instantly recognizable.

Copenhagen Gin – Gold Medal

We are happy and proud to share the results of Gin Masters 2017, organized by The Spirits Business! Copenhagen distillery won a Gold Medal for their Orange Gin.

Copenhagen Orange Gin Tasting Notes

We’re still tasting, so check with us soon. 🙂

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