Fentimans & Hollows Spiced Ginger Beer (330 mL)

Fentimans & Hollows Spiced Ginger Beer (330 mL)

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Content: 330 mL

Origin: UK

Alcohol: 4%

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About Fentimans & Hollows Spiced Ginger Beer

UK-based botanical drinks business Fentimans, makers of premium adult soft beverages, has a new alcoholic version of its famous Fentimans ginger beer.

Ian Hadley at Fentimans, said: “We are happy to provide shoppers with a premium alcoholic option in the gluten-free category. Hollows & Fentimans can give consumers the same superior taste and quality that they associate with the rest of our premium soft drinks and mixer ranges.” Hollows & Fentimans is a deliciously smooth and refreshing alcoholic ginger beer from all natural ingredients. Delicious as a refreshing summer drink and, gently heated, it makes the perfect winter warming drink. Hollows & Fentimans is available in a 33cl glass bottle, with an ABV of 4% and is certified gluten-free.

“Not many years ago the gluten-free category targets people with coeliac disease and wheat intolerances. All that has changed and the category is attracting new shoppers seeking a healthier alternative. More people prefer gluten-free beers, because they prefer a heathier lifestyle. This is a statement by Andrew Jackson, Fentimans head of marketing. “With Hollows & Fentimans, you get all the taste and authenticity associated with the Fentimans brand, plus the additional benefit of a gluten-free beer.”

Fentimans & Hollows Spiced Ginger Beer Tasting Notes

With a complex, spicy aroma with fruit characteristics from the pear juice, Hollows & Fentimans requires upending before pouring. It is a pale, cloudy liquid with a spicy character and a clean ginger flavour. There is a gentle heat and the aftertaste is a warm, pleasant sensation in the mouth. The pear juice contributes to a fuller, rounded flavour.

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