Fentimans House of Broughton Rose Syrup

Fentimans House of Broughton Rose Syrup

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Origin: UK

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About Fentimans House of Broughton Rose Syrup

Looking to spice (or sweeten) up the syrup category, botanical brewery Fentimans launches a line of syrups, under the House of Broughton name. Made with natural ingredients, the syrups have a high-strength flavour. This means that less is needed, sugar intake is lower, and you have better control of the flavour. House of Broughton rose syrup contains natural rose extracts. It provides drinks with, in addition to sweetness, the following rose flavour characteristics: elegant, English garden, floral and light summertime.

About House of Broughton – Fentimans

With the rise of the foodie and drinks culture there has been a knock-on effect in that people are increasingly looking for high quality innovative food and drink products. This has led to the rise of premium and craft spirits, coffees and mixers. There has also been a recent surge in the popularity of cocktail culture and mocktails. Also, there is an increasing number of millennials drinking less alcohol and one in five people opting for a soft drink on a night out. Fentimans already produces a fine range of mixers and they want to add to this by creating a range of syrups which can help people create and enjoy wonderful cocktails and mocktails.

The high flavour strength feature means that less syrup is required to flavour drinks and therefore less sugar is added. This means that drinks are not over-sweetened during this process. If the user does want more sweetness, then they have complete control over this. If they in fact want to balance the sweetness out then they only need to add a small amount of a sour ingredient to achieve this. In turn, this minimizes the potential of tarnishing the flavour of the drink with the taste of the sour ingredient.

House of Broughton syrups is all about finding the best and the most natural ingredients. Also, while using the minimum number of steps to get the flavour and aroma from nature into the syrup. There was a zealous emphasis on balancing the ingredients perfectly.

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