J. Gasco Indian Tonic Water

J. Gasco Indian Tonic Water

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Content: 200 mL

Origin: Italy

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About J. Gasco Indian Tonic Water

Tonic J.Gasco Indian is a soft drink created with an old recipe based on quinine. Well structured, persistent, with bitter notes and clean, enhances and strengthens the scent of gin and aromatic distillates. From Piemonte, J. Gasco’s authentic, bubbly Italian sodas are perfectly refreshing, all-natural and make great cocktail mixers. Classic flavors like Cedrata, Limonata, and Elderflower are a great alternative to everyday colas and soft drinks. So, imbibe, enjoy and put your mixology magic to work!

J. Gasco Indian Tonic Water Tasting Notes

Indian Tonic J.Gasco is a quinine soft drink that presents itself with a softer aroma than the standard tonic. A round flavor, with bitter and delicate aspects, makes it the ideal base for all kinds of mixed drinks.

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