LE Tribute Gin + 4-Pack Le Tribute Tonic Water

LE Tribute Gin + 4-Pack Le Tribute Tonic Water

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Content: 70 cL Gin + 4 x 200 mL Tonic

Origin: Spain


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About Le Tribute Gin – Liquid Experience

A tribute to the pioneers, the process and the heritage. All natural ingredients, packed in a fantastic Le Tribute Gin bottle with great branding. This gin knows its origin by the long history of the house in the production of pharmaceutical syrups and elixirs. And this is reflected in the whole promotion of the product, from its name to the beautiful bottle. This way the producers pay tribute to the current pioneers of LE (=Liquid Experience).

The innovation of the brand lies mostly in its recipe and the production process. While no peculiar or exotic ingredients are being used. For this gin, we have seven different distillations with different botanicals each, six in neutral wheat and barley alcohol and one in water. In the first batch, juniper is distilled, in the second limes and in the third kumquat. Next up is lemons, then pink and green grapefruits. Afterwards, mandarins, cardamom, sweet and bitter oranges. And as a last step, lemongrass in water.

The last distillation of lemongrass in water or, to be more precise in vapor, is made exactly like the production of rose blossom water. This is done in order to keep all its freshness. Due to this last distillation in water it loses its denomination as London Dry Gin. This because, according to legislation, all additions except for alcohol and sugar are forbidden.

Le Tribute Gin – Liquid Experience – Tasting Notes

“Tasting the gin Le Tribute, one can understand the width of complexity from the citrus aromas “enclosed” in a glass…”. ,- Bitterbooze.com


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