Llanllyr SOURCE Light Tonic Water

Llanllyr SOURCE Light Tonic Water

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Content: 200 mL

Origin: Wales, UK


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About Llanllyr SOURCE Light Tonic Water

Water is the foundation of any mixer.  Llanllyr SOURCE light tonic water & mixers are crafted using their award-winning natural spring water and natural ingredients to release the essence of the spirit and deliver a world-class cocktail. The producers use Llanllyr SOURCE Natural Spring Water and natural ingredients sourced from around the globe. Therefore, they believe they have created the best mixers on the planet.

Since 1180, when the Great Lord Rhys first settled the land, natural springs underneath the organic fields of Llanllyr have been supplying its inhabitants with some of the purest, all natural drinking water in the world. Llanllyr sits in the idyllic Welsh countryside at the base of a glacial valley. The glacial sands and persistent rainfall work together to produce Llanllyr SOURCE. A Natural Spring Water with a perfect mineral balance and superb taste.

The History

Their company was started in 1999 by a member of the family that has organically farmed the land for vegetables, beef and sheep for the last 300 years. Being an activist for sustainable land management and knowing the incredible quality of the water, the family began the Company as a farm biodiversity project. Since then, the water has spoken for itself. Elite chefs, including the famed Ferran Adria of El Bulli, have served Llanllyr SOURCE in their restaurants. This because of its unparalleled taste, quality and design. Llanllyr SOURCE is also featured in many of the world’s top luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and fine retailers. We invite you to enjoy our wonderfully pure and natural water.

This Light Tonic Water delivers the same excellence of their Tonic Water with fewer calories. Now you can enjoy your favorite spirits without compromising. Pair it with this exceptional Vodka & Tonic. Furthermore Llanllyr SOURCE is the drink of choice by chef Gordon Ramsey. Need we say more? 🙂

Llanllyr Source Light Tonic Water Tasting Notes

 We’re still tasting, so check back with us soon.

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