LobStar Gin

LobStar Gin

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Alcohol: 42 % vol.

Content: 50 cL

Origin: Belgium, by Spirits by Design

Botanicals: juniper, lobster & many more.

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Lobstar Gin is created by chef Kristof Marrannes of the Michelin-starred restaurant Ter Leepe in Belgium. He started experimenting with lobsters, which his restaurant typically uses to make lobster bisque. He distilled the spirit by heating the lobster-flavoured alcohol, condensing the vapours that are released in the process. Never and nowhere, anyone has tried to use this type of botanical. We took the time to try different techniques: LobStar was born. The first premium marine gin almost 200 grams of real lobster per bottle!

LobStar Gin Tasting Notes

In the nose you get the surprising smell of a bisque, lobster soup. The taste is well balanced, with a hint of lemon grass and parsley. Mix it with a neutral tonic water and top off with flat-leaf parsley and some chopped lemon grass.

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