Madame Geneva Gin Blanc

Madame Geneva Gin Blanc

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Alcohol: 44.4 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: Germany, by Kreuzritter Premiumspirituosen

Botanicals: juniper, coriander and ginger

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The idea of the Madame Geneva Gin Blanc distillers was to create a gin that goes retro, and tries to create the taste of the past where gin was not so complicated. The result was MADAME GENEVA Gin Blanc: a gin that seeks and finds the roots of gin!

Since gin arised from the Dutch genever, juniper was always the core of gin. And this is why juniper is also the core of MADAME GENEVA Gin Blanc. The fresh and clean aroma of selected juniper berries dominates this gin, without being too intrusiveness at all. Accompanied it is only by the fresh – herbaceous and spicy – fruity aromas of coriander and ginger. Three Botanicals – all it takes for a new old taste experience.

The result is magically, as it is mild and still has a strong smell and taste of juniper. Gin blanc can be served pure, with Tonic or with Martini. The Gin Blanc demonstrate that an uncomplicated gin can have a complex flavour in typical or modern cocktails. You will discover a range of classic gin to taste completely different, they taste like old times with the Gin Blanc. It’s a real pleasure to be able to taste every single component from the gin. 44.4 % vol. supports the powerful appearance in each drink. The extremely heavy bottle supports the strong performance of MADAME GENEVA – Gin Blanc.

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