Madame Geneva Gin Rouge

Madame Geneva Gin Rouge

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Alcohol: 41.9 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: Germany, by Kreuzritter Premiumspirituosen

Botanicals: juniper, coriander, ginger & 43 botanicals more

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Although juniper is the classical basis for a gin sometimes it takes a gin, which is complex and distinguished: Madame Geneva Gin Rouge is the first and only gin with an unusual recipe of 46 aromatic botanicals and a harmonious proportion of red wine. The smooth balanced selection of 46 herbs in MADAME GENEVA gin rouge makes a gin, which is an ideal basis for the refinement with a first class red wine. A mild and smooth gin, which carries a foundation of juniper, but with a complex buildings of flavours. A completely new experience of taste presents this gin with its herb, bitter and fresh note. It is matched with the strongly fruitiness of a concentrated high level red wine of the grape variety “Primitivo” from a very old Apulia vine.

The characteristic red colour of Madame Geneva – Gin Rouge grants a classical Gin-Cocktail a special appearance and a especially drinking experience, particularly in entourage by a fine Tonic Water.

You can fill MADAME GENEVA Gin Rouge in a nice red wine glass and with lots of ice and a rather mild tonic water. A great summer appetizer that suits to every occasion and gives appetite for a second glass, because of his beautiful colouring. This colouring also gives classical cocktails like Gimlet or Gin Fizz a special kick – and White Lady goes to Pink Lady.

Madame Geneva Gin Rouge Tasting Notes

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