Mayfair London Dry Gin

Mayfair London Dry Gin

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Alcohol: 40 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: UK, by Thames Distillers Ltd.

Botanicals: coriander, juniper, orris root, angelica, savoury

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One of the few London Dry gins still distilled in the city of London by the master distillers of Thames Distillers and they have been doing so for over 300 years. Every batch of 500 liters is carried out in a pot still named Thumbelina. The reason why they have chosen for a small batch is because it guarantees the quality of every batch.

Mayfair London Dry Gin Tasting Notes

The botanicals of Mayfair gin are always hand picked in order to sustain the quality at all times. The result is a traditional and premium London Dry Gin with a spicy edge!

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Weight 1.4 kg

In a Gin & Tonic

  1. Fill up a large balloon glass with ice. Stir the ice inside with a bar spoon and remove any excess water with a cocktail strainer.
  2. Add some pink pepper berries together with three small pieces of lime zest. hibiscus leaves.
  3. Pour 5 cL of Mayfair London Dry Gin inside your glass.
  4. Add about 100 – 125 ml of Schweppes Premium Mixer: Pink Pepper Tonic Water.
  5. Serve with pride!


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