Modernessia Gin Premium – by Teichenné Liquors

Modernessia Gin Premium – by Teichenné Liquors

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Alcohol: 40.0 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: Spain, by Teichenné

Botanicals: juniper, coriander, orange, lemon, angelica root, cardamom, lemon verbena & chamomile

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Modernessia Gin Premium

Modernessia is a gin from Tarragona (Spain) by Teichenné and in cooperation with bartender Alberto Pizarro. Alberto won the award of “Bartender of The Year” in Spain 2014. He was also the National winner of the World Class Competition in 2011. The Modernessia recipe pays homage to the Tarragona area, the place of origin. During the 20th century it became the epicenter of production for a vast range of spirits. This is due to its proximity to local vineyards and its strategic location along the Mediterranean Sea. Many monastic orders are there, such as Carthusians and the Cistercian Order. They made their own liquors to be sold, whilst using the same botanicals selected to produce Modernessia.

Firstly, Modernessia is made by using a triple distillation in a copper pot still. Then, during the first one the classic gin botanicals, such as juniper berries, angelica root and cardamom go in. Afterwards, the remainder of the botanicals are put in the second and third distillation. Some of these botanicals are chamomile, orange, lemon verbena and distilled honey.

This premium gin holds the following competition medal: Gold Medal awarded for 1001degustations (France).

Modernessia Gin Tasting Notes

Appearance: It holds a colorless liquid and is thus bright and transparent.

Aroma: On the nose, it evokes fine and delicate aroma. Immediately, Mediterranean aromatic botanicals come your way. These aroma’s perfectly integrate with subtle notes of citrus. All the aroma contains an elegant juniper base.

Taste and texture: Elegant and subtle flavors fill the taste. Soft, fresh and sweet on the palate thanks to the distilled honey. In conclusion, it combines perfectly with citrus and rosemary. Principal botanicals making up Gin Modernessia Premium:

· Juniper
· Coriander
· Lemon
· Bitter Orange distilled
· Angelica root
· Cardamom
· lemon verbena
· chamomile


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