Pimento Spicy Ginger

Pimento Spicy Ginger

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Content: 200 mL

Origin: France, Pimento SAS

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Pimento is a refreshing non-alcoholic ginger beer with a distinctive chilli kick! It can be enjoyed on its own, served with lots of ice and a generous squeeze of fresh lime or used as mixer with a wide range of spirits, including rum, vodka and gin! A unique and innovative soft-drink made in France, low in sugar and full of taste, Pimento Spicy Ginger is a real and daring experience. Served chilled, this non-alcoholic spicy ginger beer is perfect for people who don’t drink alcohol or who think that classic sodas lack any real flavour.

Made with ginger, tonic and hot pepper natural flavours, it contains also small amounts of bitter orange, lime, gentian and oregano natural flavours. Bartenders prefer Pimento because its chilli pepper really enhances flavours. The drink is arguably the most versatile mixer there is with a wide range of spirits.

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