Steam Gin – A unique Farm Distilled Gin from Belgium

Steam Gin – A unique Farm Distilled Gin from Belgium

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Alcohol: 43 % vol.

Content: 50 cL

Origin: Belgium, by Small Distillery, Stokerij Van Damme & Stokerij Van Der Schueren

Botanicals: juniper, pepper mix, lots of citrus fruits, coriander, cardamom & many others

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About Steam Gin

Steam Gin – On an old farm distillery
where grain grows from mother’s womb
a dainty pot still soundly driven by steam
a bulky smother of citrus, flowers and herbs
bolster the room.

Gently fermenting in the open air
one shan’t despair this beauty to bear
Because when taste was seen
it’s there you’ve been.

From 1862 until now.

The story starts with Small Distillery (Lu Putteman and Kurt De Smet). Both can rely on years of experience in the catering industry and are well versed in hosting various tastings. Due to their strong interest in flavors, tasting and improving recipes, they devised over 100 different Gin recipes. A quest to find the perfect composition for their very own gin. Small scale experiments with extractions and macerations of fruits and herbs brought them step to the base of Steam Gin.

Steam Gin is a unique small scale Belgian Gin. Filled with flavor and know-how, This gin will convince your taste buds with citrusy delight. A real treat!

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