Strange Donkey Gin – Baby Bottle – 10 cL

Strange Donkey Gin – Baby Bottle – 10 cL

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Alcohol: 40.0 % vol.

Content: 10 cL

Origin: Belgium, by Stokerij Pirlot

Botanicals: juniper, Buddha’s Hand, finger limes, yuzu zest, sudashi & many more

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The story starts in December 2014 when four men, in Vremde near Antwerp, were looking to find the ultimate macerate for the creation of a new Gin. The lady of the house saw them experimenting in her kitchen and decided to join them, since her kitchen was covered with the strangest, extremist spices and herbs, stacked with all kinds of citrus fruits. After many efforts trying to find the right combination they decided to use the botanicals who were home grown together with exclusive citrus fruits.  The gin is artisan distilled at Stokerij Pirlot where they treat everything with great care and respect, every bottle is bottled and labeled manually.

Strange Donkey Gin Tasting Notes

Our review of this wonderful Strange Donkey Gin is available on the blog:

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In a Gin & Tonic

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