Syndrome Velvet Tonic Water

Syndrome Velvet Tonic Water

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Content: 200 mL

Origin: Belgium

Calories: 28.25 kCal / 100 mL

Sugar: 7.3 g / 100 mL

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About Syndrome Tonic Water

Because the gin-hype has hit Belgium with such force in 2013,a true Belgian tonic was not far away. With Syndrome Tonic, Buss Spirits developed a range of premium mixers with an outspoken edge. Highly pronounced flavours that make great foundations for any Gin & Tonic, but that can also be enjoyed as invigorating soda drinks.

In all the syndrome tonic flavor variations, the creators try to combine unique ingredients to build harmonious, yet challenging, palates. They started out by making Syndrome for the bartenders, since the creators are bartenders. When creating cocktails, bartenders are always in need of exceptional mixers and sodas. And thus, Syndrome tonic was born.

The Syndrome Tonic range is the ultimate foundation for mixing a Gin & Tonic. However, the creators took great care to make a drink that can also be savored on its own.

Syndrome Velvet Indian Tonic Tasting Notes

Syndrome velvet tonic combines the natural ingredients of Bitter Orange, Thyme and raw Cinchona bark extracts in a soft and accessible palate. A gentle bitter taste by combining the flavours of Bitter Orange, Thyme and natural quinine. A fragrance that offers an exquisite support for a wide array of cocktails and mixes that require a soft touch.

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