Tanneke Gin – Premium Small Batch Gin

Tanneke Gin – Premium Small Batch Gin

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Alcohol: 40.0 % vol.

Content: 50 cL

Origin: Belgium, by The Bassets Craft Distillery

Botanicals: juniper, licorice root, nettle, hop & many more

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About Tanneke Gin

Anna ‘Tanneke’ Sconyncx was a woman who lived in Gottem and died a terrible death in 1603. That’s because people thought of her being a witch. Tanneke gin thus contains her name and honors her story. Tanneke frequently used herbal treatments as a cure. Those same herbs, which were gathered locally, are being used to create this small-batch Belgian London Dry Gin.

Botanicals that go in the distillation process are juniper, hop, nettle, licorice root and many more. Distillation happens at the Belgian Bassets Craft Distillery.

Tanneke London Dry Gin Tasting Notes

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