Trois Rivières Rum Cuvee de L’Ocean

Trois Rivières Rum Cuvee de L’Ocean

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Alcohol: 42% vol.

Content: 0.7 L

Origin: Martinique

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About Trois Rivières Rum Cuvee de L’Ocean

In Martinique, the month of February marks the new season for the sugar and rum industries. That’s when they cut the canes and start up the machines in the distilleries. Trois Rivières sugar cane grows on the plantations in the south of the island. Which is then carefully selected for its high sugar content. The cane undergoes a crushing first and is then grounded in the mills. The extracted cane juice is collected in channels. Then filtered and taken to the fermentation vats.

From year to year, the Trois Rivières Cellar Master supervises and collects the aging rums. This protects the remarkable vintages to produce the great Trois Rivières old rums. Old rum must spend at least three years in barrels. Extra-old rums spend a minimum of six years in barrels. This is to optimize interactions between the rum, the wood of the barrels and the hot, humid air of Martinique.

Trois Rivières Cuvee de L’Ocean is made using sugar cane grown in the south of Martinique next to the Atlantic Ocean. The result is a maritime rum, with hints of sea spray added to the classic agricole notes of grass and sweet fruit. This works especially well in a Daiquiri.

Tasting Notes

Cuvee de l’Ocean is the result of a single variety of sugarcane: canne zikak (yellow cane). This is quite unique, because the majority of agricole rums tend to exist of a blends of cane varieties. It also uses a specific yeast strain in fermentation. In contrast to the more common baker’s yeast. The name Cuvée de l’Océan can perhaps be the giveaway – the fields of sugar cane grow in the very south of Martinique in l’Anse Trabaud and are said to have their ‘feet in the water’. The proximity to the sea adds a gentle salinity to the rhum. You are treated to all the lovely delicate sweet fruity, and light grassy notes of a well-made white agricole, but are further treated to additional mineral notes such as salt and iodine which extend the experience.

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