X-Gin – Xolato

X-Gin – Xolato

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Alcohol: 46.0 % vol.

Content: 50 cL

Origin: Belgium, by Peter Messely & Stokerij De Moor

Botanicals: juniper, vanilla, dried pepper, cacao nibs, lemon, raspberry, banana, hazelnut & many more

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Xolato Gin is an innovative Gin based on Columbian cocoa beans, Piëmonte hazelnuts, Avola almonds, wild Madagascan chillies and vanilla pods. This is a real first!

After having tried out 14 different recipes, Peter of Xolato and Patrick of De Moor produced a unique Gin concept. In addition to the juniper berry, 45 other herbs and several of the best spices known worldwide are used. These flavours are also used in the Xolato chocolates. For instance, the most aromatic Columbian cocoa beans, Madagascan wild chillies and vanilla pods, the world famous Piemonte hazelnuts and Avola almonds of renowned quality.

The name X-GIN refers to the origin of cocoa beans that were used by Incas and Mayans to brew a god’s nectar of which they believed that this was a drink destined for Gods and Kings, that it had the gift of long life, extra intelligence and that it also was an aphrodisiac. They called this brew Xocolatl , the name Xolato is derived from this word, the X stands for Xolato. X-Gin Xolato will be positioned in the market as the new God’s Brew, based upon the Aztec story.

X-Gin -Xolato – Tasting Notes

We’ve put up a Dutch (Nederlandstalige) review on our blog. The English version is coming up! 🙂

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