Xellent – Swiss Edelweiss – Gin

Xellent – Swiss Edelweiss – Gin

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Alcohol: 40.0 % vol.

Content: 70 cL

Origin: Switzerland, by DiWiSa Distillery

Botanicals: juniper, elderflower, lemon, lemon balm, edelweiss

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In 1918 the young Hans Affentranger started his distillery in Willisau, Switzerland. Almost a century later the family is still distilling in one of the most advanced distilleries worldwide and employing over 100 people. To think that when he started distilling his liquors and spirits he did it all manually in a one man firm. But it wasn’t for long before his company started to gain more ground on the market and soon his products were beloved in all bars and shops. Today his distillery is named DIWISA and they still produce with the excellency and precision for which the Swiss are world famous.

Along with water from a glacier they select the purest and best Swiss Rye to start distilling the raw rye mash a first time in a small batch of 500 liters. Afterwards starts the processing, another unique production method they apply, in which the starch from the ground rye is broken down, liquefied, saccharified and gently fermented. It doesn’t stop there because afterwards they use copper column with 45 bubble-cap trays to condense during the second distillation. In the third distillation they aim to achieve purity removing all the unwanted trace substances using state of the art monitors to control all levels. After this phase the Xellent distillate is set to rest for several months until it’s diluted with the purest water straight out of the glaciers. At this time we have Xellent Swiss Vodka. You read it right, it’s not even Gin yet!

This Premium Vodka is then used as the neutral spirit which forms the basis of Xellent Swiss Edelweiss Gin. Hanz Huber then remains precise and selects the best botanicals like herbs, juniper and even the very rare Edelweiss flower which are cultivated they finally get to the production of our beloved spirit that contains 20 botanicals. The Gin primary has a dry taste of juniper but the botanicals assist it with a gentle touch and through the precise and careful production combined with almost a century of family tradition and experience one can only expect Swiss excellency.

Xellent Gin Tasting Notes

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